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Lani Hackland Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing


Lani has over 12 years experience as a specialist nurse, and has worked in all fields including medical, surgical, ophthalmology, oncology, and management. Lani took up the position of head nurse when we started business in October 2015, and her wealth of experience and love of animals have made her an absolute asset. Lani has 2 cats at home (with 7 legs between them), called KC and Gregan that keep her on her toes. Sunny the budgie taunts the cats constantly, just to add to the mischief in the house.

Hannah Richardson Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing


Hannah started her nursing career in general practice nearly 10 years ago, and was one of the first members of our specialist nursing team here at NVS. Hannah is an animal whisperer – she has been fantastic at easing anxiety in hospitalized cats and dogs, and has truly found her calling in this profession. Hannah is often on the end of the phone coordinating vets, patients, consults and clients to provide up to date information so everyone is informed of their animals’ progress.

Vicky Higgins MVQ veterinary nursing


Vicky started her Veterinary nursing career in Worcesteshire, England in 2006 in general practice, and continued until 2013 when she moved to Australia. Vicky has extensive experience in surgical veterinary nursing, having worked in this field sine arriving 3 years ago. We have recently been lucky enough to snap her up to coordinate our surgical services and care for the surgical patients. Vicky has a cat called Jordi at home, who keeps them up at all hours.

Belle Dawe


Belle has extensive experience working in both general practice and with Eugene’s mobile surgical service, CAS. We are excited to have her and Eve bridging the gap between surgeries done in local clinics and at our base here in Terrey Hills.

Genevieve Wild


Genevieve (Eve) has joined both the mobile surgical service and our NVS clinic recently. She has a wonderful way with animals assuring a stress free stay for your patients or pets, and is gaining heaps of surgical assisting and anaesthesia experience.