CONSULTING 8:30am - 6:30pm, Monday - Friday
24 HOURS PER DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK in case of emergency

Our Specialists, hospital vets, and nurses are available to discuss ongoing cases or new referrals anytime.
We pride ourselves on keeping you involved in your cases in the following ways:

  1. We try to perform procedures or consultations in your clinic, so you can maintain client communication and discussions.
  2. If the patient requires treatment at Northside Veterinary Specialists’ hospital, we will email records every 24 hours, and touch base by phone whenever the patient’s condition or treatment plan changes. For hospitalised patients, we summarise the record in a referral letter at the end of the hospital stay so you can clearly see the diagnosis, outcome, and ongoing care plan.
  3. We provide you with mobile numbers for the specialists managing your cases, so you can discuss things directly with them, or organise a consultation in your own clinic.

To book a referral please call us on 9452 2933 or make an appointment online. We will always accomodate urgent referrals – please call if you do not see a suitable appointment time on the online schedule.

Eugene Buffa Eugene Buffa 0411 686 319
Dave Collins Dave Collins 0423 678 472
Anna Dengate Anna Dengate 0456 213 752
Ross McGregor Ross McGregor
Izidora Sladakovic Izidora Sladakovic 0401 338 634
Rita Singh Rita Singh 0457 964 114
Tim Norris Tim Norris 0408 699 371

Surgical consultations and procedures off-site are provided via our business partner, CONSULTING ANIMAL SPECIALISTS – please visit this website for a full list of procedures offered.

Medical consultations and procedures are provided by our business partner NORTHSIDE ANIMAL REFERRAL SERVICES

If you think our business structure seems complicated – you should see the cases we manage! We have seen first-hand how frustrating it is to refer a case that just needs a simple ultrasound, surgery, or consultation, and having them come back with an invoice of several thousand dollars and a frustrated owner. We endeavour to provide treatment plans that are tailored to the patient, client and, their regular veterinarian. Please email any relevant history, radiographs, and blood test results to so we don’t double up on anything in our diagnostic plans.

To refer a patient, please provide the client with our clinic number, call 02 9452 2933 to make an appointment, and send them in with the referral form below. Alternatively, book online at:

Referral Form

A more complete list of available services and procedures can be found below:

Services and Procedures