Northside Veterinary Specialists are here for you and your pets during COVID. As of Monday 28th February we will return to socially distanced consultations, in line with NSW Health Guidelines. We welcome a maximum of two adults, and we request for masks to be worn at all times when in the building. Please call on 9452 2933 with any questions.

We thank you all for your support and patience.

COVID-19 CONSULTING HOURS 6am - 6pm, Monday - Friday
24 HOURS PER DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK in case of emergency

Emergency & Critical Care

We understand the importance of prompt, professional and high-quality care in the event of an emergency. If the unthinkable happens and your pet is involved in an accident or becomes suddenly ill, you want to know there is a 24-hour vet you can trust.

Northside Veterinary Specialists partner with Northside Emergency Vet Hospital, co-located in our state-of-the-art Terrey Hills hospital. They are the after-hours vet Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Northern Suburb communities can trust in a critical situation.

If you require a Sydney emergency vet now, call us  on (02) 9452 2933 or present in person at 335 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills. NVS & NEVS provide emergency and critical care services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

NVS and NEVS work closely together to resolve emergency cases day and night. When specialist attention or services are required to treat your dog, cat, bird or exotic pet our staff will be on site to assist.

24 Hour Vet in Sydney

24 hour vets in Sydney deal with all manner of urgent and critical issues including:

  • Tick paralysis snake bites
  • Trauma including car accidents and falls
  • Injuries from a dog or cat fight
  • Poisoning from snail baits, rat baits, foods, plants and human medication
  • Bleeding that can’t be stopped
  • Heat stress or heatstroke
  • Excessive pain
  • Extended puppy or kitten births
  • Inability to urinate
  • Bloat (GDV)

Where a specialist is required NEVS and NVS work together on a compassionate care solution tailored to your pet’s specific needs. The services we provide could include advanced diagnostic imaging (digital radiographs, ultrasound, CT, MRI), surgery, cardiological assessment, neurological assement blood transfusions, etc.

How Our Emergency and Critical Care Vet Service Operates

NVS and NEVS Sydney 24-hour vet works on a triage system just like a human emergency room. This means patients will be seen based on the level of the emergency, not the order of arrival.

The experienced emergency vets will discuss any history of your pet’s case and outline treatment options. If your pet is admitted to our hospital, the vet will keep you updated including outlining any specialist treatments that may be recommended.

When stable enough to be transferred and where appropriate, pets seen through our emergency vet services are returned to the care of their primary veterinarian with details of any treatments, diagnoses, pathology reports, X-rays and surgical procedures.

Common Signs Of An Emergency

If your pet suddenly becomes unwell but you are unable to identify the cause, we recommend presenting to a Sydney emergency vet immediately. Especially if they display any of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden collapse or lethargy
  • Breathing difficulties
  • High levels of vomiting or severe diarrhoea
  • Bloody discharge
  • Inability to urinate or defecate
  • Inability to walk normally or apparent tick paralysis
  • Sudden bloating around the stomach
  • Seizure, fit or loss of consciousness

Often the causes of sudden illness are hidden from the untrained eye. Our emergency and specialist vets diagnose and treat the issue as quickly and thoroughly as we can. Where ongoing treatment or a hospital stay is required, we will consult with you and your primary veterinarian on the best approach to treatment.

Ongoing Compassionate Care

Northside Veterinary Specialists provide ongoing care for pets treated through the NEVS after hours vet service. Our staff of specialist vets, hospital vets and nurses work with NEVS and primary veterinarians to ensure continuity of care and the best possible chances of recovery.

See An Emergency Vet Now

It can be scary to think of needing a 24-hour vet in Sydney, however it is important you know we are here to help. In case of emergency you can rely on the combined NVS and NEVS teams to represent the highest standards in compassionate care for pets, their owners, and vets in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore communities.

Contact us 24/7 every day of the year on (02) 9452 2933 or present in person at 335 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills.

Your pet’s health is our highest priority, any time of the day or night.