Northside Veterinary Specialists are here for you and your pets during COVID. As of Monday 28th February we will return to socially distanced consultations, in line with NSW Health Guidelines. We welcome a maximum of two adults, and we request for masks to be worn at all times when in the building. Please call on 9452 2933 with any questions.

We thank you all for your support and patience.

COVID-19 CONSULTING HOURS 6am - 6pm, Monday - Friday
24 HOURS PER DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK in case of emergency

About Us

Northside Veterinary Specialists are the leading providers of specialist pet health care serving Sydney’s Northern Beaches and beyond.

Our Terrey Hills animal referral hospital was opened in December 2014. Since then we have focused on supporting Sydney vets with specialist services, emergency care and consultation.

Today our veterinary hospital is equipped with the latest equipment to diagnose, monitor, treat and operate on all manner of pet health issues.

NVS provides a comprehensive range of health services for dogs, cats, small animals and exotic pets. We prize the relationships our team have developed with the local community of pet owners and vets in Sydney.

Who Are We?

We are part of the local community we serve and dedicated to giving our patients the same level of care we would demand for our own pets.

Northside Veterinary Specialists is home to a team of 10 specialists, 6 critical care/hospital vets, 14 nurses, 5 animal attendants, and 3 receptionists. We believe it is important to have a staff of specialists trained in all manner of pet care, to provide comprehensive solutions that address each patient’s individual needs.

In order to provide services tailored to your pet’s needs, our team of veterinarians specialise in:

  • – Small animal medicine, especially cats and dogs
  • – Orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery
  • – Cardiology
  • – Haematology
  • – Non-surgical endoscopy (GI investigation, foreign body retrieval, biopsies)
  • – Surgical endoscopy (laparoscopy, arthroscopy)
  • – Avian and exotic animals
  • – Advanced Imaging (Digital Radiography, ultrasound, CT scans, videofluoroscopy and MRI
  • – Airway examinations and chronic coughs
  • – Lameness evaluations
  • – Neurological assessments
  • – Cancer treatment
  • – Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and acupuncture
  • – Emergency and critical care
  • – Minimally invasive procedures
  • – Interventional Radiology

Our Mission

Our mission is to represent the highest standards in compassionate care for pets, their owners, and family veterinarians in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore communities.

To achieve this, NVS focus on providing tailored solutions that properly address the needs of each patient.

As pet owners and members of the local community we understand the need for professionalism, personalised service and compassion in every interaction.

Compassionate Care

Our team is dedicated to your pet’s health. We treat every animal with the same level of compassion we would expect for our own pets.

As daunting as specialist treatments can be for pet owners, we empathise with pets who cannot understand what they are going through. We are committed to treating animals with compassion during treatment and providing the most comfortable healing or palliative care environment for pets.

Tailored Solutions

Every patient is different. We tailor treatment to address your pet’s specific needs for the best chances of a swift recovery.

Beginning with consultations that involve you, your pet and your primary care vet, we pay close attention to diagnosing the root cause of health issues. From there we design bespoke treatment plans based on the health issue, your pet’s particulars and previous or ongoing complementary treatments.

Comprehensive Services

NVS offer a wide range of services so we can properly support the local community with high quality pet care.

Our experience means we can confidently offer consultation, monitoring and treatment services that give cats, dogs, birds and exotic pets the best chance at recovery we can

Your Specialist Vet in Sydney – Get In Touch Today

At Northside Veterinary Specialists our goal is simple: to provide the highest possible standards of treatment for animals.

To speak with our team, call us on 02 9452 2933